Saturday, September 4, 2010

holy moly

the boys relaxing inside away from the heat! notice the forts

No WAY i can keep up with my amazing blogger sister! Anyway.....i've been really sticking to this vegan thing.. no meat no dairy...and it feels good...and i have been doing a couch to 5k plan along with my friend Kai here in texas and Liz long distance!
This is the plan...which truely seems doable for anyone!
I have been modifying it a little bit because i was already running some when we began and it just wasn't challenging...i have been running in pyramid style intervals....i do 4 minute walk warmup...then 4 run, 2 walk, 6 run, 2 walk, 8 run, 2 walk, 10 run, 2 walk. ok so actually looking at that it isnt at all a pyramid...more like a hill. the running time is building. my only problem with running is that by the time i can go (no double stoller, children who combined weigh 65 lbs plus 30 stroller doesnt even sound great, 100 degrees daytimes) it is the evening. that is fine with me but it is getting dark by 8:15 and there are hardly any street lights in my neighborhood! scary. so i joined a gym and its wonderful....they have so many great classes and childcare, and their treadmills each have their own tv right on them! sweet.
unfortunately the DAY after joining i got sidelined by my doc till i get checked out! so frustrating. but im sure i will be back at it soon enough.

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