Sunday, August 29, 2010

late supper

Tonight, my patient family tolerated my kitchen indecision/lack of planning. It was late, we were tired so nothing really special made it to the table.

We have quite a few peppers in the garden, so I threw them in with some onion & garlic.

Add black beans, cumin and serve with warmed up tortillas. Yum! 

I haven't tasted tortillas that met my standards since I lived here but Mission extra thin yellow corn does the trick especially at 7:30pm on Sunday night after a very long weekend!

monkey see monkey do

Little E decided to get in a box. I took her photo since she looked so stinkin' cute.

So, of course, her brother needed to be in on the action.

Obviously, he had to get all the way in the box too.

Just like that she's out... and she's off!

Finally, he's got that box all to himself, but she is after my goods - photo shoot over for now!

Friday, August 27, 2010


yes! i got a new camera! so i will actually be able to add pictures! it has the share button to instantly share pictures!
anyway...i had a slip up and tasted the frosting on a cake parker brought home tonight...yummmm. but then i felt horrible and have had a stomach ache! coincidence? i think not!
i have been feeling great! today is my off day for running...and im netflixing it up baby!
oh yeah...and since im a total cereal junkie, i am LOVING silk almond milk. its awesome. and you can't beat fortified cereals to fill in the gaps you might have in your folic acid and what not!
I am so happy to be not eating meat these feels like homecoming. i have never liked it and just ate it because i felt like i should, and now that im not i feel liberated!!

teeny tiny melons

We got these beauties at the Saratoga Farmer's Market this past Wednesday and they were oh so cute and super sweet too. Yum!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

our garden

Our garden is overflowing with ripe red tomatoes...

...a bit of cauliflower and broccoli still left... eggplants and peppers almost ready to enjoy...

 ...kale and chard that just keep on kickin' (we're loving it!)...

...and finally but certainly important: five happy hens who just can't wait for the harvest to be complete so they can scratch their way through whats left of those delicious garden beds!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh wow! I didn't even realize that jelly was non-vegan until i really thought about it! I have a lot to was good...but i found other ways to be unhealthy such as home made tortilla chips and guacamole! sooo good!!!!!
I really want to get netflix so i can watch the documentary "Earthlings". I heard its really inspiring for the aspiring vegan!

breakfast of champions

We've been on the run - on and off vacation, fair week, etc. for the last two weeks so the only fruit in the house includes canned applesauce and two black bananas that I am pretending are not rotting on the second shelf of my refrigerator. So breakfast on day one of our food revolution (which for me includes a fruit-only breakfast) was a bit of a challenge.

PB to the rescue! The homemade jelly in my fridge was quite tempting... fruit, right?

On deck for supper - bounty from my tomato jungle that was waiting for me when we got home this weekend. yum!

Sunday, August 22, 2010