Friday, August 27, 2010


yes! i got a new camera! so i will actually be able to add pictures! it has the share button to instantly share pictures!
anyway...i had a slip up and tasted the frosting on a cake parker brought home tonight...yummmm. but then i felt horrible and have had a stomach ache! coincidence? i think not!
i have been feeling great! today is my off day for running...and im netflixing it up baby!
oh yeah...and since im a total cereal junkie, i am LOVING silk almond milk. its awesome. and you can't beat fortified cereals to fill in the gaps you might have in your folic acid and what not!
I am so happy to be not eating meat these feels like homecoming. i have never liked it and just ate it because i felt like i should, and now that im not i feel liberated!!

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