Thursday, September 23, 2010

big (everyday) breakfast

My babies love breakfast. Not surprising, as its probably my favorite meal of the day! Almost daily, my boy asks for: "pancakes! with syrup! waffles, with syrup too! yogurt with granola and raspberries and blueberries and granola and yogurt! ba-nate-nanas! eggs! raisin toast! pancakes!"... and it goes on. Basically, the kid wakes up starving. And lately, from the shrieks that start around 5:30 (my mom says I had this coming, apparently I woke up with the sun from a very young age - not so much anymore), my girl is pretty hungry in the morning, even after nursing for about 1/2 hour when she first wakes.

enjoying some berry-granola-yogurt, scrambled fresh eggs, and pancakes (with syrup!) 

she likes our eggs so much she was inspired to do a school-photo-circa-1992 pose for me!

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